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Unpacking the election and pondering Labour’s future

We get to see Paddy Ashdown eat his (admittedly chocolate) hat. That’s how wide the margin of error was between expectations and reality when it came to the crunch last Thursday. Throughout the (seemingly) torturously long race, the polls were neck and neck – but the outcome was more decisive than anyone dared imagine. Last

Terrain near the Iraqi town of Sinjar

The Lure of ISIS

Over the last few months I’ve been fascinated by ISIS. It’s looking through a time machine back to the days of the Prophet Muhammad himself only with AK-47s instead of swords. With the news of three Muslim schoolgirls travelling to Syria and putting themselves in such danger, I thought I’d share my thoughts. I think

The alternative "Birds of a Feather" didn't cut much mustard with BBC4 commissioners - and Lesley Joseph wasn't available to play Maggie Thatcher...

Indyref: A tale of two countries

This independence thing is at serious risk of leaving a nasty aftertaste in the mouth. I went to Tesco at lunchtime to pick up a sandwich and a paper for a work colleague – an old guy was standing next to the paper rack, pondering the typically reactionary, alarmist headline on the front of the

isis-politics worldwide

Blair & ISIS — two sides of the same coin

ISIS: a creation of Tony Blair


In-Depth Analysis

paul mason 1

Paul Mason on Greece, Germany and the death of the European Project

A transcription of Paul Mason’s talk at Birkbeck about a week ago. He absolutely NAILED it. Here’s the Youtube vids covering it (first one also includes the end of Zizek’s discussion). So let me start. The first time I ever went to Greece, 1986, my sister made me repeat over and over again the words

Darker sites, darker attitudes

Darker sites, darker attitudes

I thought I’d share something that has come as something of a revelation to me in recent months. I have long had an interest in true crime. Terrible crimes in particular often shock and horrify me and I feel a desire to vent about them sometimes. So in the end I decided to join a

The Great White Male

Goodbyes and unfinished business

The Beached White Male It is very likely this will be my last blog post. I have been convinced by the New Statesman’s article on the relevance (or lack thereof) of white men in public discourse.  White men are crowding out voices of the excluded. Much as, so the Tories tell us, the public sector

The Politics of Energy

The Politics of Energy

An article in the Guardian today quotes the boss of Npower, Paul Massara, blaming Labour’s election policy of a price freeze as the reason why the company won’t pass reductions in wholesale gas prices on to consumers. In doing so, he invites the energy industry to play a dangerous game. Shooting yourself in the foot




Modern music is rubbish

Contemporary music, alongside other contemporary efforts in art and culture, tends to err on the side of vapidity, shallowness and pointlessness – it’s dull, banal conformity is a product of the conservative era we currently live in. I should begin of course by acknowleding the obvious; the quesiton of what’s “good” and what’s “bad” in

Modern feminists

Against Feminism

Coming out the other side of a criss The dust is beginning to settle regarding one of the key intellectual ruptures of our epoch – the ‘Crisis of Marxism’. There are a number of strands to the debates surrounding this rupture, however for this discussion there are two related strands that are of particular interest

isis-politics worldwide

Blair & ISIS — two sides of the same coin

ISIS: a creation of Tony Blair


Labour’s 2015 Manifesto – What should be in it?

Housing, break up the banks, re-nationalise rail, cable the nation for fast broadband... what else?


Speaking with Ghosts: Morality, Ideology, Politics

In the unfashionable world of theory it is fashionable to talk of ideology as that which structures our reality rather than that which masks ‘True’ reality. As we have broken from Marx and Marxism so we have broken with the notion of false consciousness. Marx taught us to look beyond the appearance of things and


The NSA & Richard Branson

Why not abolish internet service providers, Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc and let the National Security Agency (NSA) run the internet?


Is the Pope a Marxist?

Appalling news from the Vatican. An Argentinian Marxist has got control of the City State. Hardly a day goes by without “Pope” Francis attacking the super-rich.


Housing: stripping the poor of money & power

Deploying the "stock transfer" technique to strip the poor of money and power: an account from the front line


Working for a UK Supermarket

The reality of menial, low paid work in a UK supermarket: contracts, tax credits, overtime, sickness, changemeisters, arrogant customers & the horror of scanning targets

Job Centre

Why Is There So Little Anger About All These Scroungers?

Britain’s right wing media have long been engaged in a sustained attack against the poor, vulnerable and excluded. Increasingly the logic of this attack focuses on how, supposedly, these groups are a drain on public funds. The argument often takes the form of: The good hard working majority pay taxes and receive nothing in return


Control of Borders

A nation state consists of lines on a map defended by armed force. Pull the squaddies off the borders, as Major did at Maastricht, and you destroy the nation.


Giving British Proles a Good Kick

The British working class has been kicked for 30 years. What will the future hold?


Muslims, Beards, Finger-Pointing & Spooks

Is it really that difficult for Western security agencies to catch young alleged Muslims who decide to engage in a spot of mass-murder? The clue is in the finger...


Margaret Thatcher ~ Genuine Enemy Within

Margaret Thatcher destroyed the Conservative Party — the party of Winston Churchill — as national political force. She was the genuine enemy within...


George Osborne — Mockney Sparrow

Poshos slumming it with a fake working class accent... a uniquely English phenomenon?


A “Poll Tax” Moment for the Coalition?

Deep cuts to Britain's welfare state lock in today. How angry are people likely to get?

Daily Mail 1938 refugee Jews

Stupid Daily Mail Readers

Daily Mail readers are such dim-witted ignoramuses they require CAPITAL LETTERS in headlines or they DON'T UNDERSTAND...


Politicians hate us more than we hate them

Walk into any British pub and, before long, you'll hear someone express dislike, disgust, or downright hatred towards British politicians. The antagonism is so strong there's an emphasis on not even talking about them. Politicians are viewed as so beneath contempt that normal, decent people prefer not to sully their mouths by mentioning them...


The UKIP Problem

UKIP is one hundred percent right: immigration must be talked about. Those who discuss it are not, by definition, racists. Those seeking to prevent or limit lawful discussion of immigration should be told to sling their hook. But it's not just North London social worker type lefties who wish to censor discussion of immigration...

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