Araminta & the London Poor

October 24, 2010 in Culture Links, Economics, Latest Updates, Opinion, Politics, Welfare State by Data Migration


Why the fuss about 200,000 poor people cleansed from London? (Councils plan for exodus of poor)

I mean: Oh. My. God. You only have to walk round Chelsea – or take a cab! – to see there’s no place for them.

London’s on the up and up. Smart bars, boutiques, attractive young mothers – or the nanny! – in Range Rovers delivering the children to super private prep schools.

Why would the poor WANT to live in Chelsea, rubbing shoulders with the rich, spoiling things for everyone, reminding themselves of their life failures?

And what’s with those YUK council estates in Pimlico, Westminster and Kensington?

I mean: Oh. My. God. They’re like barrios in Brazil, blighting the lives of owner-occupiers, creating a ‘them and us’ atmosphere of chippiness.

But soon they’ll be gone too, once commercial rents are charged for council homes.

Why are ANY council flats left in exclusive London neighbourhoods? Why weren’t they sold in the 1980s? Just goes to show how the poor need a kick in the bottom, for their own good.

The underclass shouldn’t be subsidised AT ALL. It means they have no incentive. It makes their wealthy neighbours resentful.

When daddy made his first million HE didn’t get a subsidy. Of course his accountant – a super chap! – put it offshore to save tax.

But that’s not a subsidy. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what made Britain great. It’s a fatal mistake to confuse the two.

I mean: Oh. My. God. Save me from bleeding heart liberals – except Nick Clegg who’s super! – molly-coddling the poor. Let them live in Luton, Reading or, by golly, Hastings.

They can sit in those bus shelter thingies on the sea front, that seem always to be lashed with rain, and mull over their mistakes.

Next week: Araminta discusses bankers’ bonuses, why we’re all in this together, and hats.