Britain’s Conservatives: Triple Schism over Gay Marriage

December 10, 2012 in Conservative Party, Gay Rights, News & Current Affairs, Politics, Tory Party by Balthazar


Everyone head over to this article in the Daily Telegraph. In particular read the comments section.


You’ll see the UK Conservative Party fracturing before your eyes. A three way split is underway:-

1. The metropolitan Tory elite. Left on social issues, right on economics. ‘Dave’ Cameron is their hero but they had a soft spot for Blair… but sniggered at his wife. Louise Mensch, despite having run off to New York, is their heroine. The au pair reads her chicklit.

2. The ‘sullen army of the suburbs:’ lower-middle class Tories, haters of the poor, jealous of the rich, suspicious of Conservatives born with silver spoons in their mouths. Lovers of Margaret Thatcher. Norman Tebbit is their hero. Or possibly… ahem… Nigel Farage….

3. The blue rinse shire Tories. On election day they drive old ladies to the polling station. They attend their beautiful 12th century village church, in which they arrange flowers and suck up to the vicar. The thought of gays at the altar leaves them speechless.

Group 1. has managed to alienate groups 2. and 3. It’s an extraordinary achievement. Labour and UKIP will be popping the champagne. Imagine the size of Nigel’s grin!


Why has Cameron chosen to spit his party into three? It’s bizarre. Is it a legacy thing? Has he decided he’s going to lose the next election and wants to be remembered for gay marriage in church?

Isn’t he more likely to be remembered for killing disabled people? Or for LOLLING, on horseback, with Rebekah Brooks?