Joanna Yeates & a £600,000 House

December 29, 2010 in Culture Links, Media by Data Migration

Joanna Yeates

The murder of Joanna Yeates is horribly sad. All power to the Bristol murder squad to catch her killer(s) quickly.

But why do the newspapers, particularly the Murdoch press, keep mentioning the value of her parents’ house? The Sun does it here:

Speaking at his £600,000 home in Ampfield, Hants, the 63-year-old IT worker said… Source

The Times does it here:

Speaking at his £600,000 home in Hampshire, Mr Yeates, 63, said… Paywall

Does the value of the property increase the level of tragedy? Would additional police resources become available if, say, the house was worth £800,000?

God forbid the parents lived in a council house. Or were foreigners occupying a rented caravan.

Another nasty trick the papers are playing is to refer to the murder victim by her first name or, worse, “Little Jo”.

No, you greasy hacks, trying to sell newspapers on the back of a Christmas murder, she’s “Joanna Yeates” or “Ms Yeates” to you.

Even some Sun readers are complaining about the estate agent details:


We need to know about this murder. It’s clear public interest, particularly for Bristol residents considering walking home from New Year parties. But show some respect eh?